Foxtrot Command

Foxtrot Command official whitepaper

Undoubtedly NFTs are transforming the world and have also left their mark on the gaming industry. However mass adoption requires time, education and successful leading examples. That is Foxtrot Command's main purpose.

An NFT is a Non Fungible Token secured by a cryptographic protocol. NFTs remain the most effective tool to demonstrate the authenticity, originality and veracity of your property in a censorship resistant manner. But what if your NFTs were used for more than just proof of ownership and allowed you to obtain a host of rewards for it? That's what 'play and earn' video games are based on, and where Foxtrot Command focuses on.

Foxtrot Command is the starting point to the construction of a IP set in a post-apocalyptic world after a massive war has destroyed the earth.

One of the most crucial aspects is that this universe is stylishly designed aiming to attract as many players as possible.

There will be five rarities of cards to collect in the game: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You'll need them to create unique 30-card decks and compete against other players achieving glory by reaching the top of the leaderboard in PvP matches.

In addition, there will be 5 different factions: Bushido, The Forgotten, The Green Faith, Gannicus and The Resistance. With them, you can create hundreds of diverse strategies and combinations. Each faction will have its own specific cards and abilities to strategize. You can also collect all kinds of visual assets to customise your board, the mats, the backs of your cards and much more.

If you play Foxtrot Command, you will enter into a world of creation and customization without equal, where you will not only have infinite combinations of cards to get great rewards, but you will on top build a great reputation thanks to a collection of visually incredible NFTs.

Foxtrot Command will be a videogame with a decentralised economy where users will acquire ownership of their assets at all times and will be able to decide whether to transfer, give them away, sell them or burn them. The NFTs are stored in the digital addresses of each user, and Foxtrot Command will enable a decentralised marketplace where players will be able to trade their assets.

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