Commander skills

The Commanders are an important part of our game, and they can be decisive in some games. Learning how to use them is an essential part of perfecting Foxtrot Command.

Our commanders will each have three abilities, two of which are basic and one of which is definitive. These basic abilities can be used without paying a mana cost, but they will have a cooldown, which means we will not be able to use them consecutively. A commander can only use one ability per turn, either basic or ultimate.

The use of these basic abilities will allow you to earn points, which we can exchange for the ability to use the ultimate ability; these points are referred to as loyalty points.

For example, Let’s say your commander has 2 basic abilities of cost1 and 2 (this means that if I use the 1 cost ability, it will give me 1 loyalty point, while the 2 cost ability will give me 2 loyalty points) and a definitive ability whose cost is not mana, but 8 points, a visual example of what we can find in the game would be as follows:

+1: Basic Skill has a cost of one point of loyalty when used. +2: A two-cost Basic Skill that grants two loyalty points when used.

-8: Ultimate Skill with an eight-point cost instead of mana.

These abilities, combined with the abilities of the cards, allow you to create an infinite number of possibilities, giving you more freedom when creating decks.

Let's take a look at the various skills that our Foxtrot Command commanders have.


+1: Gives a unit +2/+1 for one round. When you click and drag, a selection arrow appears, and when you release it, the action is confirmed.

+2: Gives the commander a +2/+2 weapon, allowing him to attack in the same turn. This weapon only has two uses, defensive or offensive (that is, +2/+2, the second two work as a shield and a counter for the number of attacks it has). That is, if I take one point of damage, I lose one point. I lose another point if I use the weapon to attack.) -8: Gives all friendly units +2/+1 and Pierce for one round.


+1: Gives a unit energy shield for one round.

+3: Removes a unit

-8: Applies bleeding 3 to all enemy units.


+2: Deals 1 damage and paralyses two enemy units.

+6: Disintegrate a unit

-10: Summons a 10/7 unit with an energy shield.

Green Faith

+1: Apply -2/0 to the enemy unit.

+4: Apply -4/-4 to an enemy unit.

Note: If the life of the enemy unit reaches 0 this unit dies.

-8: Add 8 Mana to your pool. (You can exceed the maximum mana you have on that turn. Example: I can have 7/6 mana)

The Resistance

+1: Gives +1/+1 to unit.

+3: Heal up to 6 damage and draw 1 card.

-8: Return all enemy units to their owner's hand. If the hand is full, the cards are discarded.

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