What is a Brand Board?

The Brand Board, is a general guide to the visual style of your brand. It is a reference document, which must be concise and show, at a glance, all the graphic elements that make up the visual identity of a brand. Precisely because of its synthetic and visual nature, it becomes such a useful document when it comes to maintaining visual consistency in all the marketing pieces you create in your business:

  • Web design

  • • PDF Guides

  • • Posts for social networks

  • • Social media headers like Facebook, Twitter, Discord channels…

The importance of having a Brand Board

The brand board is a very synthesised summary of what the brand is. Once you know more about how to work with it, this document will become a great support when it comes to continuing to design graphic pieces that maintain the consistency of your brand, without having to constantly review all the pages of the brand manual. Can't remember the name of the font you used? Look at the Brand Board. Not sure of the exact colour to employ for backgrounds? Review your Brand Board.

Brand Board vs. Brand Manual

The Brand Board does not replace the brand manual in any case, since it does not standardise the use of the elements that compose it. The manual collects all the guidelines and regulations on minimum sizes, safe space, paragraph compositions, colour combinations and other technical aspects that condition your brand.

While a brand manual can be as extensive as necessary to ensure good management of the brand, so that both the client and the internal design team, including future professionals outside the project, can get to identify the brand, the elements that make up and the implementation rules to respect its visual identity, a brand board should not occupy more than a single page.

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