Battle pass

A system will be incorporated consisting of 3 different battle passes, all having in common the same way of obtaining rewards. The battle's pass duration will be along the season.

When we play PVP battles, we will get experience points (EXP). These points will only be added, never subtracted. The battle passes will have a reward system that will be unlocked as you reach the required level. This level will be reached as you generate EXP points.

Free battle pass

It will be enjoyed by everyone who enters the game. You can get gold and assets in non-NFT format. The number of rewards will be modest, with many empty levels without rewards to claim.

Battle pass

It is an upgrade of the free battle pass, it will not only give you the same rewards as the free battle pass, but it will also fill all the empty levels, being able to claim a reward in each level. In addition, it will give you access to other rewards such as envelopes or cards.

This battle pass can be acquired with gold, and none of these rewards will be NFTs.

Premium battle pass

Battle Pass purchased with $BUSD. It will give you the same rewards as the battle pass with one big difference, all assets you claim will be NFTs.

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