Unity is a graphics engine that offers many advantages when planning and creating a video game or application. Its libraries allow you to make use of physics, UI utilities and many other aspects in a pleasant way. The key points for which it is considered the appropriate tool for development in the video game part of Foxtrot are the following.

Effectiveness and flexibility

Unity offers a way of operating that allows you to construct ideas fast. Sketches of early versions that can then quickly be transformed into more serious and elaborate concepts, comfortably improving the game. In our case, it is easy to build a trailer or demo of the game without defining the final structure of the game, but leaving pieces ready for the final version.

Learning curve

Although like any innovative technology, it requires time and experience to master, but its polished interface and documentation makes it easy for anyone to comfortably engage in development if necessary. Compared to other engines like Unreal Engine or native Javascript, it is much easier to adapt to the way of working with Unity, and this is a plus for our project that may need new manpower and adaptability in the near future.

Meet the technical needs of the project.

Unity allows you to develop code in various programming languages, in our case, C# is used. This platform allows you to modify any detail or aspect you want, be it animations, UI definition, creation of custom shaders, external plugins for connection with other services (AWS, blockchain, IA, .NET). These features make it perfect for a "card" game, since it speeds up its organisation and doesn't require excessive graphic muscle.

Its.NET module for the deployment of multiplayer applications, they are great for building and testing basic functions in this type of game: matchmaking, multiplayer games, chat rooms, etc...

Strong community

Every developer knows the community is everything in a platform or technology. In this case, a large troop of developers around the world makes it easy to consult any type of doubt or seek solutions to any unforeseen event that may arise. Of course, there are also countless plugins and packages available for any of the modules that Foxtrot needs in its design.


In any work environment that allows export to various types of devices, it causes the final executable to have a little more weight than it would have if native development had been used, in this case. Unity does not excessively inflate the product end and is capable of exporting it to any major platform (PC, web browser, mobiles, Smart TVs, Consoles…). But this is not the most interesting thing, it also makes it much easier to be able to modify those aspects that may vary in the same version of the game for various devices and have these points controlled without the need to carry out complicated 'ports' to other environments. Some examples could be the resolutions of the devices if the pointer is used or not, if a certain game mode is active or not, etc.

Blockchain connectivity

Due to the robust community, it is possible to find libraries and utilities already built that allow connectivity between the video game and the Binance Smart Chain (blockchain selected for the project), through a Web3 wallet like Metamask. Not only that, if at some point we decide to modify this aspect or move forward on the multi-blockchain path, it is possible to find connectors for any of these environments (Eth, BSC, Ronin, Polygon, Solana, etc…).

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