In Foxtrot Command there is a whole world of customization. We want everything that surrounds the game to be a unique experience. That is why we have created a system where you can customise the elements of the game board, the appearance of the backs of the cards, the game currency, the mana crystals, your profile avatar, your emblem gallery and much more. Giving rise to a very complete world of NFT customization.


Build a deck of 30 cards to challenge your opponents. We can collect both standard and gold cards. The visual difference is clearly visible, additionally, gold cards can be used to stake NFTs, allowing you to participate in exclusive tournaments.

Game board elements

The game board will have up to 4 slots that you can fully customise. Collect skins and decide how you want your rival to see your side of the board.

These are just three examples of the many board skins that will be in the game. These NFTs will work through limited drops (the higher the rarity, the higher the limitation).


On numerous occasions you will have to flip a coin within the game. (Deciding who goes first, determining if an ability kicks in...) With coin skins you can brag to your rival about having hyper-exclusive collectible NFTs. These coins will be continuously visible on the board.

Profile avatars

You can change the avatar of your profile and decide how the rest of the users will see you.

Reverse of the card

You will be able to personalise your deck with spectacular backs that will inspire respect just by looking at them. Decide how you want your opponent to see the back of your cards.

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