Proposed solutions

Improve the vision and glorify the word video game.

Summarising, Foxtrot proposes to develop a game in which not only the investment made by the users is rewarded, but also their dedication, effort and skill, providing a 'play and earn' with innumerable possibilities. The higher the investment, the more NFTs you can get and the more strategies you can plan. But it won't be everything, skill will play a key factor when it comes to receiving rewards.

Winning games in Foxtrot Command will require an elaborate strategy, gaining enough skill to change it as the battle progresses and, of course, a minor factor of luck that occurs in all TCG games.

Real utility for NFTs

We believe the essence of a game that incorporates NFT technology is to provide proper use for these non-fungible tokens. That is why at Foxtrot we propose a system where you must collect 30 cards, create a deck, obtaining thousands of possible combinations to try and play. In addition, we have incorporated a customization system never seen before in a 'play to earn' game. Using visual assets (NFTs) in skin format, you can customise your part of the playing board, card backs, profile avatars and much more.

The users will decide at all times what to do with their assets. Use them to play, collect them, burn the reruns to get certain rewards, sell them to get BNB, hold them with the idea of ​​selling them when they are no longer available in the store ... There are dozens of possibilities!

On top of that, we will incorporate a staking system where you will get points by leaving the golden NFTs in your collection "blocked", enabling you to obtain new exclusive NFTs. We will call this function '' Staking seasons ''

  • Staking season * The golden NFTs that you get in the game can be displayed during your games and increase your reputation as a collector. In addition, you will have the possibility to place them in staking () to earn points. Once you have kept these golden NFTs locked for '' x '' days and get '' x '' amount of points, you will be qualified to get exclusive NFTs that will only be available during these staking season drops. () NFTs that are in staking, cannot be used in the game until they are unlocked.

All-new reward system

Why repeat a formula that keeps failing? We measure the risk of developing an economic system never seen before, but we believe that it is riskier to replicate one that has failed so many times.

We propose a reward system with a stable coin (BUSD) and place NFTs as the real actors. Does this mean I will not generate the FXD token as a reward? You will be able to generate rewards in the FXD token, but although this will have broad uses within the game, it will not be the main engine of the economy.

If you are interested in the economic system in depth, we invite you to read the section that we have created exclusively for it.

Separate investors from players

We want to offer investors the security of investing in an NFT game whose economic model is not based on the token itself. We think that people who invest in a token subscribe to a completely different view than most players do nowadays.

While what the former seek from an asset is to achieve profitability over time, the latter seek to obtain the maximum of benefits as quickly as possible. This, in games that base their economy on a token, causes constant selling pressure that is extremely difficult for non-player investors to counteract.

Players typically win this fight against investors, knocking down the price of the token and causing sharp drops, leaving investors trapped forever and penalising the players themselves with a token that has less and less value.

That is why we propose an economic system where the token gains importance within the game, but without being drastically released continuously.

In this way, investors who do not want to be players will hold an asset that maintains a slow and finite distribution in the game, with use within the game to favour its revaluation and with uses outside the game.

The barrier to entry will always be the same: None

That's how it is. We propose a "free to play" system that will allow you to play Foxtrot Command and generate rewards without investment. Why? Because the power and success of any game is based on its community of players and our goal is to have one of the largest communities.

Players creating an account will be able to choose one of the five factions of the Foxtrot universe, each one will be assigned a predetermined deck to start playing. For obvious reasons, these cards will not be NFTs and you will be unable to perform anything but play with them. A basic deck consisting of 30 cards will be delivered that will allow you to play and earn non-tokenized rewards that later, after some time and dedication, you can exchange for tokenized assets.

As in any game, a person who is free to play will generally advance much more slowly than a person who decides to invest, but even so, if he possesses the skill and perseverance enough, he can get countless rewards in the same way.

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