ERC1155 protocol

Due to the high number of transfers that we will have being a card game and the high network cost per transaction, we decided the most suitable protocol for Foxtrot Command is ERC-1155. This decision is made with the benefit of the user in mind.

The ERC-1155 protocol is characterised by allowing the creation of both fungible and non-fungible tokens, offering the option to create tokens and NFTs on demand, unlike the ERC-20 protocol (fungible tokens) and the ERC-721 protocol (non-fungible tokens). That accepts only one way of creating tokens.

Most NFT games on the market today create and manage part of their data in a centralised fashion, in order to reduce the cost of the gas fee per transaction. But this solution means that the user has to give up their NFTs lossing control of their assets.

It is for this reason that we have decided to convert our cards into tokens, allowing the possibility of being able to transfer, sell or exchange several of these tokens (cards) at the same time and this reduce the cost per transaction and maintain ownership of the NFT at all times.

The user will be able to convert these tokens into unique NFTs whenever they want, they will only have to pay the cost of mining by the network.

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