General skills

Foxtrot Command is a game designed for card enthusiasts. Strategy will be one of our game's pillars, and our cards will have a variety of abilities, introducing some mechanics not seen in other TCG games.

To simplify things, we could say that we have two types of abilities in our game: specific and general skills.

Faction skills

Faction skills are those that will only be available on the faction's own cards; no global cards will be able to use them. These abilities define your personal style and allow you to develop a strategy around them.

Take cover

This skill is unique to Bushido; once sent to the battlefield, the unit with it will be able to choose another unit from the opposite lane and place it in the same lane; if this occurs, it will grant camouflage to the unit that has changed lanes.


When you summon your swapped unit to the battlefield, you have the option of bringing another unit from the opposite lane to the same lane; if you do this, the unit swapped gains camouflage.


When an enemy is infected by Radiation, two things happen: first, the enemy suffers 1 residual damage per turn, which is resolved at the beginning of the opponent's turn; second, the cost of playing cards in a lane increases by 1 for each radiation-infected unit you have at the start of your turn.


This one-of-a-kind ability of the forgotten allows you to gain bonuses (specified on the card) every time a unit with this ability deals damage to the enemy commander. For example, a card with the ability Fury: 2 damage can use the ability "Deal 2 damage" every time it deals damage to the commander.


This is resistance's one-of-a-kind ability; it forces the opponent to discard cards from his deck, the amount of which is specified on the card.


If you have any units from the Gannicus faction in lane, this ability allows the team that possesses it to reduce its mana cost.

General Skills

General skills can be found in any type of deck, or they can be added using Global cards, giving you more versatility when creating strategies.

Energy shield

If a unit possesses this skill, it can ignore the first damage it receives from any source, direct or indirect.

A direct source is defined as, for example, taking damage from an attack from an opponent's card; however, an indirect source can be, for example, residual damage caused by bleeding.


When a unit with this skill deals damage to another, if the damage exceeds the enemy's health during the attack's resolution, all excess damage is redirected towards the enemy commander.

For example:

if your 3/2 unit with pierce attacks a 1/1 unit, your damage value is greater than the opponent's life value, so the remaining damage is dealt directly to the enemy commander.


This skill allows you to receive as many cards as you specify. There are various types of abilities with the draw effect; some give you cards directly, such as "Draw 3," while others, such as "You draw a card every time the unit deals damage," gives you cards indirectly. Please keep in mind that if you draw with the maximum number of cards, the cards you draw are discarded.


Vehicles, a type of unit that allows you to change lanes once per turn, have this ability. You cannot use Diversion if the opposite lane is full.


This skill completely destroys a unit, regardless of its health or whether it has any protective abilities such as energy shields.


Only units with the flying skill or flak can attack a flying unit.


You can use this skill to attack a flying unit.


This skill allows you to attack a unit in another lane. Note: You can attack a unit in another lane even if you have an enemy unit with (Challenge) in your lane.


You can use this ability to return an enemy unit to its owner's hand. Any team that has the unit will be discarded, the unit's stats will be reset, and any buffs from other abilities will be lost.


This ability allows the unit with it to "disappear" from combat, meaning it cannot be targeted by enemy abilities or selected for attack.

When a unit attacks, it loses camouflage and can thus be targeted; additionally, even if the unit decides not to attack, it will lose camouflage after two rounds.

Being immune to abilities does not provide complete immunity, as abilities that target the entire lane, or even the ability with adjacent damage, allow you to damage camouflaged units even though they "haven't been targeted."

Residual damage

This ability allows you to continuously deal damage to another unit; any residual damage is resolved at the start of the player's turn. In fact residual damage is a state, not an ability. There will be skills that apply residual damage.


It is a type of residual damage, and the amount of damage dealt to the unit is determined by the ability itself (Bleeding 1 means 1 residual damage)


Another type of residual damage, such as haemorrhage, will be specified on the card, as will the amount of residual damage received by the affected unit.


This skill allows you to permanently remove all abilities from another unit.


This skill allows you to deduct X damage points from another unit, where X can be any type of damage inflicted by a unit with this ability. It makes no difference whether the damage is direct (e.g., targeting and attacking it) or indirect (with an ability like "X Damage", adjacent damage, or even residual damage).


This skill duplicates the unit in the opposing lane exactly.


This skill allows the player to convert a unit into a team, which means that when the card is placed on the field, he can choose whether to enter it as a unit or as a team.


This ability prevents the affected unit from attacking for one round.


When summoning a unit with this ability, you can sacrifice an allied unit from the same lane; in that case, the unit with usurp gains a permanent stat boost equal to the sacrificed card's base stats.


This skill allows you to pay an additional cost when summoning the card, which is paid in loyalty points (these are the ones that are obtained using the abilities of the commanders)

Double strike

This skill allows you to attack again with the unit that possesses it, with the option of selecting a different target.


When attacking, a unit with this skill prevents enemy units in the lane from choosing a target other than this unit. Challenge only "attracts" attacks; it does not attract abilities; the opponent can target other units and even our own commander, regardless of whether we have a unit with Challenge in our field.


A unit with this skill can attack immediately after being placed on the battlefield.

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