Foxtrot ($FXD): will be the only token involved in Foxtrot Command, a Governance token that will include a number of uses within the game and will allow players to perform certain actions and access certain items.

The intention with the $FXD token is for it to be a valuable, limited asset with a gradual and progressive release, gaining great importance within the ecosystem, but without basing the reward system on it.

In this way we can maintain an economy where the token becomes important, but it is not distributed excessively. Giving an asset with a relatively low supply and a soft but constant burning system.

Tokenomics $FXD.

Seed round: $0.0125 / 5% TGE / 3 months cliff and 5% monthly for 19 months.

Private: $0.025 / 8% TGE / 3 months cliff and 6.13% monthly for 15 months.

IDO: $0.04 / 15% TGE / No cliff and 8.75% monthly for 10 months.

Initial market cap: $191.268.

TEAM: The 5% for the team is minimal and completely locked during the first two years of the launch. Then, we will have a 24-month monthly release. This was thought of to provide extra security to investors and because the team's business model does not depend on FXD. ADVISORS: Advisors have a total lock for the first 12 months and then a progressive monthly release that lasts 2 years. Of the 9% allocated to advisors, only 3% is currently committed. The rest will be locked and will only be assigned if an important company/person decides to join the team in the future. In that case, they will have the same lock and vesting conditions. PLAY AND EARN: 21.5%. It is the only FXD token release and will be a fully controlled release with a very controlled and low asset distribution. Why allocate 21.5% then? Because Nonaterra Studio's (the creator of Foxtrot Command) intentions have always been to create a game IP under the Foxtrot name. These will share tokens and there must be sufficient supply for future video games. On the other hand, this release will be countered by the Burning section. All supply will be locked and only the necessary amount will be unlocked when distributing rewards. BURN: 21.5%. An automatic burn system that will burn the same amount of tokens distributed in the play and earn, thus creating a non-inflationary reward system. All supply will be locked and only the amount to be burned will be unlocked. LIQUIDITY AND FARMS: 14%. The maximum tokens will be allocated to the initial liquidity injection and sufficient supply will be saved to be listed on different CEX in the future. The airdrop part will be aimed at rewarding all those who contribute liquidity to decentralized DEXs as a reward for helping maintain a healthy and stable pool. All unused supply at the launch will be locked until it is used.

SEED PHASE: 10% of the total supply was sold to private investors in the first round of funding held in Q1 of 2022. You can review the vesting conditions in our detailed tokenomics.

PRIVATE PHASE: 15%: The private investment round has been decided to be combined into one. The main reason for this has been to make it easier for both investors and the marketing team. The best conditions from both rounds have been maintained for the combined round. You can review the vesting conditions in our detailed tokenomics. Any unsold tokens will be allocated for the IDO.

IDO: 4%. The final presale phase, this IDO will be held on various BSC launchpads. Small packages of tokens will be offered with the intention of attracting different communities.

The advisors vesting consists 6 months cliff and 5% monthly for 20 months (released per second).

The team vesting consists 24 months cliff and 5% monthly for 20 months (released per second).

Methods to get $FXD

  • Reach high ranks in the "PVP Battles" game mode.

  • Reach high ranks in certain online tournaments.

  • Reaching advanced stages in face-to-face tournaments.

  • Staking

Uses of $FXD

  • Governance.

  • Staking.

  • Trade to use the Altar of the Moon and get golden cards.

  • Trade to use emerald lagoon and obtain battle plates.

  • Enter exclusive tournaments. Buy (NFTs) skins on exclusive releases.Treasury

  • Booster the staking of NFTs. (You will have the ability to add $FXD when staking NFTs to enhance your seasonal reward.)


To maintain an equilibrium within the game and to be able to carry out decisions as the number of players increases, we will have the tokens used stored in a treasury. Through the governance system, the burning and distribution actions will be agreed upon when the company or the community deems it necessary.

Token fee

Our token will have a 1% commission for each purchase and sale that is executed. This fee will be used for the internal financing of the team

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