NFT staking

NFT staking is the best way to get exclusive NFTs. As we had mentioned before, we want to base a large part of the economy on the NFTs themselves. For this, we will have a staking system available where you can deposit your golden NFTs.

Staking will work seasonally, and the rewards you get will change with them. You can participate as many times as you want in staking

System of points.

Depending on the rarity, your golden NFTs will grant you a series of points when it comes to staking. Example: Golden Common, 1 point.Uncommon golden, 2 points. Rare, 3 points, Epic, 4 points. Legendary, 5 points.

The more points you get to staking, the shorter the time to collect the reward.

Staking reward

When the period ends (variable depending on the points earned) you will get a staking ticket. These tickets will be used to exchange them in the shop for seasonal NFTs.

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