Vision and mission

Nonaterra's goal is to create a framework capable of converting traditional web2 games into web3 games by adding a blockchain layer and NFT functionalities, using the $FXD token as utility for all of them. Thus positioning itself as a web3 reference launcher. Foxtrot Command is the first project of the company whose intention is to revolutionize the GameFi world by providing a hybrid economy that bases its rewards mainly on NFTs and stable currencies. Our main goal is to recover the concept of the word "video game" bringing mainly entertainment and fun to the users. Thanks to web3 technology, we can incorporate a reward system, but these rewards are only intended for those users who show enough skill and knowledge to reach the top of the ranking of tournaments and seasons. Foxtrot Command is a TCG game (trading card game) being today one of the reference genres on the web2 and being the reference genre on the web3 with a potential of several million users worldwide. The new mechanics and the innovative double lane system not only bring a touch of fresh air to the genre, but also make it a fast and extremely competitive game. Nominated finalist in the ebsports awards as best crypto game, Nonaterra's expectations are to take Foxtrot into the national Esports in the medium term.

To achieve this main goal, we released Foxtrot Command. Our purpose is to be the most played crypto card game on the market with the intention of obtaining the necessary recognition to carry out the company's milestones. For this, we know that we have to look beyond the blockchain and have a great education system on our website, a totally free academy where you will get all kinds of information about decentralization, token-based economy and above all, education. related to NFTs within video games.

The main barrier to entry to NFT games can be overcome by assuming the cost of transactions (up to a total of $2 of BNB) to all users with a "virgin" wallet after achieving certain in-game goals.

All those wallets that do not have any transactions (completely new and never used before) will enjoy their rewards when they manage to win a certain number of PvP games.This milestone will require effort and many hours of dedication, but in this way, users new to the Web3 and NFTs who have never made any transaction will receive enough $ BNB to pay the first "minting" fees and market commissions. Being able to onboard on the NFT ecosystem and interact with the BSC network without having to go through the enormous obstacles of being a new crypto user and transferring your tokens to an Ethereum portfolio.

In this way we present Foxtrot Command as a genuine alternative to the billions of traditional players. Offering a 'Free to Play game truly easy for anyone to adopt. The user will only need to install metamask and start to enjoy the rewards.

5% of the fee from the decentralised market in $BNB will be used to finance this part of the project.

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