Tournaments within Foxtrot Command are the best opportunity to win $BUSD. The system is designed so that you don't have to play several game modes, but you can play the season mode at the same time you play the tournament mode.

Every so often, tournaments will appear and to register you might need to comply with certain requirements. Those requirements can be the followings:

Pay a fee in gold, $FXD or $BUSD. Hold the $FXD token for a specific number of days. That your account has a certain seniority. Have an access ticket. Others.

On the other hand, there will also be open tournaments based on a themes without any entry requirements, but to generate points your deck must have specific conditions:

  • Have a set number of NFTs in your deck.

  • Have a set number of golden NFTs in your deck.

  • Play with a specific commander.

  • Have a set number of cards from a faction.

  • Others.

How will the tournaments work?

The tournaments will have a certain duration. In order to earn tournament points you will need to have paid the entry fee and play PvP games or play qualifying games with a deck that meets the tournament requirements.

By playing PvP battles you will earn EXP for the battle pass, ELO points for the ranking and tournament points (if you are participating).

In this way, the player only has to play one game mode and does not give up any participation, maximising the time spent within Foxtrot Command.

To earn tournament points, only winning games will do. The tournament points earned in each battle will depend on your ELO rank. This provides one more incentive to want to improve in-game and reach max rank, but it doesn't take away the opportunity for lower ranks to outperform higher rated players.

Example 1:A player with 1500 ELO earns 10 tournament points for each win. Play 1 hour and win 2 games (get 20 Battle Points.).

Example 2: A player with 1.000 ELO earns 7 tournament points for each win. Play 2 hours and win 4 games (get 28 tournament points.).

Player 2 has a lower rank and therefore fewer points for victory, but rewards his perseverance, sacrifice and time invested.

Once the time established for the tournament has elapsed, the prizes will be distributed based on the classification obtained.

Not all tournaments will have the same duration, have the same rewards or the same number of winners. There will never be two active tournaments at the same time.

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