Reward system

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, when a project bases its barrier to entry and its reward system on the same token, serious sustainability problems are triggered.

At Foxtrot we are committed to a different and revolutionary reward system based on 4 pillars:

1.The first pillar is based on honouring the term NFT and encouraging them to be one of the main engines of the economy.We will work with limited and exclusive drops of different skins (Card backs, alternative card arts, board customization skins, profile avatars...).

2. The second pillar consists of basing the bulk of the rewards on a stable currency ($BUSD), in this way, even if 100% of the players decide not to reinvest within the game, it will not destabilise the project or the $FXD token.

3. The third pillar is the game's non-tokenized asset, gold. With gold you will be qualified to buy non-NFT envelopes that will allow you to advance in the game or acquire unique NFT cards at a higher price. The goal is to enable players to create their own strategy to generate income. With gold you can also buy skins and battle passes (both not NFTs).

4. The fourth but not least pillar is the $FXD token. With a total of 19,9% of the supply, the $FXD token is intended to be released in a steady but progressive way, to players in high positions of the leaderboard, tournaments and face-to-face events. Thanks to that we get a governance token with much more demand than supply, without being strictly necessary for the players, but benefiting those players who own it.

The distribution system of the $FXD token is similar to the $AXS token of axie infinity.

Playing Foxtrot Command you will be able to generate 4 different types of rewards:

  • BUSD: Stable currency in relation 1:1 with the dollar.

  • Gold: Non-tokenized in-game asset that will allow you to use it to advance and earn certain NFTs.

  • NFTs: Non-fungible tokens that you can sell on our decentralised market.

  • $FXD: Foxtrot Command Token.

10% of all the BUSD raised by Foxtrot Command in the shop will be distributed in different tournaments and the seasonal ranking.

The $BUSD wallet will be public and there will be a counter on the web where you can verify the pool;and the rewards accumulated at all times.

5% of gold burned and spent by all users will be distributed in tournaments and the season ranking.

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