Foxtrot Command
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We employ a phasing system that we constantly update. Our work is based on Scrum methodology achieving small but continuous milestones. The roadmap is paved (breaking down a milestone into smaller sub milestones)

Q2 2022

  • ✅ $FXD Seed Round
  • ✅ $FXD token Smart Contract release
  • ✅ Smart Contracts Audit

Q3 2022

  • ✅ $FXD open private sale
  • ✅ Team expansion
  • ✅ Forgotten art set complete
  • ✅ Bushido art set complete
  • ✅ First version in-game board
Q4 2022
  • ✅ Team expansioN
  • ✅ Resistance art set complete
  • ✅ Closed Pre-Alpha v1


  • ✅ Team expansion
  • ✅ Closed Pre-Alpha v2 to official streamers
  • ✅ NFT Store Launch
  • ✅ Global set cards complete
  • ✅ Implementation of oracle for the RNG in the Smart Contract of NFTs booster packs (Chainlink)

Future changes

  • Green Faith art set complete
  • Gannicus art set complete
  • NFTs First Editon Commanders sale
  • Genesis collection sale
  • $FXD end of the Private Sale
  • IDO
  • Token Launch
  • NFTs first edition cards presale
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Treasury implementation
  • Tournaments mode
  • Open Pre Alpha to $FXD and $NFTs holders
  • Open Alpha public version
  • Off-Chain Store Launch
  • Season Mode Implementation
  • Burn NFTs System Launch
  • Mobile app Launch
  • Battlepass Launch
  • $FXD staking Launch
  • NFTs staking Launch
  • Future roadmap update
Tokens not sold in private sale will be passed on to the IDO. Unsold tokens not sold in the IDO will be burned.Currently there are 3% advisor tokens allocated with a Cliff of 6 months and a monthly release of 5%. The remaining percentage will be 100% locked in and will be used to forge partnerships with companies or celebrities to help the project grow.The team has 2 years of CLIFF and then a monthly release of 5%.At launch, the play and earn tokens will be unlocked monthly to allocate rewards to users.