Seasons in Foxtrot Command will be the best opportunity to get exclusive rewards and $FXD token. PvP battles will not only give you EXP points to level up your battle pass, but they will also give you ELO points.

At the end of each season, players will be ranked based solely on their ELO points. The higher the score, the better position in the ranking and therefore, the better rewards.

Any player can access the season mode. You will only have to play PvP matches.

Is there a daily game limit?

No. Our intention is to offer a game where users can play for as long as they wish. There will be a maximum number of rewards (in gold format) that you can earn, but you can still receive ELO points and tournament points as long as you wish.

What can I obtain at the end of each season?

The leaderboard will be divided by ranks Example:

Rank 1-1000. Rank 600-700. Rank 701-1000.

The first rank will receive $FXD, gold and a seasonal exclusive NFTs. The second rank will obtain $FXD and gold. The third rank will collect gold.

Rank rewards are under review and may vary.

A voting will be proposed where token holders can decide on the rewards distribution.

The number of winners may change each season as rewards will vary based on the number of active users ($BUSD and Gold rewards are percentages.).

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