Foxtrot will offer releases of NFTs limited in time, units or both. As we have already mentioned, the card packs will be available for a limited time, working in an expansion set manner This translates to time-limited NFTs, making it totally impossible to get those specific card packs after the expansion period expires.

Skin releases will work through drops of limited units (whose units will depend on the rarity). These releases will also be available in the shop for a limited time and may disappear from the shop after exceeding that time limit or end of stock. The currencies accepted in the shop will be $BUSD, GOLD, $FXD and staking tickets.

Assets that you can acquire with BUSD

  • Card packs that will be NFTs.

  • Custom NFTs (skins).

  • Premium battle pass.

Assets that you can acquire with GOLD

  • Card packs not NFTs.

  • Skins that will not be NFTs.

  • NFT cards (*)

  • Battle Pass.

Assets that you can acquire with FXD

  • Extremely limited NFTs.

  • Entry tickets to tournaments.

Assets that you can get with staking tickets.

  • Season exclusive NFTs.

New assets may be added over time.

(*)The "NFT Cards' ' section is a section that will be enabled in the shop, so players can acquire NFTs with the non-tokenized asset of the game, rewarding their effort, perseverance and sacrifice. These individual cards will have a considerably higher price ratio than any non-NFT assets purchased with gold. An algorithm will change the available cards from time to time, and only one card can be purchased per wallet.

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