How to play

Foxtrot Command is a new TCG inspired from the greatest TCGs in history, but adding new mechanics, designs and approaches giving players an innovative TCG. It is a game made for all card lovers where strategy will be one of the fundamental pillars. To support this pillar, our cards will feature abilities of all kinds, introducing some mechanics never seen in other TCG.

Our inspiration when creating the game in terms of mechanics have been "The Elder Scrolls: Legends" and "Hearthstone." These games for us are very relevant in many ways.


You must choose a commander from among the 5 available (Bushido, The Forgotten, The Green Faith, Gannicus and The Resistance) Build a deck of 30 cards; the commander will determine your deck.

Once in the game, your commander and the opponent's commander will appear with 30 points of health. The player who manages to bring the enemy commander's health down to 0 wins.

Types of cards

In Foxtrot we will find 3 different types of cards: units, tactics and equipment. All types have a specific mana cost.

Unit cards have an amount of attack and health and will have a presence on the battlefield.

Tactical cards provide a series of effects within the battlefield. The effects of these cards remain until your next turn.

Equipment cards provide a number of effects on the battlefield. To be launched, they must be placed on a unit that we have in play. These cards have a permanent effect until the equipped unit is destroyed. (If the unit is destroyed, the artefact is destroyed as well.)


  • Each player will have a deck of 30 cards.

  • In the deck, you can possess 3 copies of the same card except for epic and legendary rarities where you can only have 1 copy.

  • At the start of the game, a coin will be flipped, the player with heads will go first and will have 2 mana crystals (**). Whoever gets tails will go second and will have three mana crystals.

  • Both players will draw 4 cards before starting the game and may discard up to a total of 3 cards in a single discard round.

  • Both players will start with 1 mana point (*) and receive 1 mana point per round up to a maximum of 10.

  • At the beginning of each turn, it will be mandatory to draw a card. If you have no cards left in the deck, your commander will suffer damage. The damage he takes increases gradually "1,3,5,7..."

  • The game board is divided into two lanes. You can play the cards in the lane you want up to a maximum of 4 simultaneous cards per lane.

Is there a maximum number of games you can play in a day?

No. Our intention is to offer a game where users can play for as long as they want. There will be a maximum number of rewards (in gold format) that you can win, but not a maximum amount of ELO points, or tournament points.

(*) Mana: The cards have a mana cost that you will have to pay every time you want to invoke it on the game board.

(**) Mana Crystals: Gems that allow you to recharge 1 extra mana on that turn. (Only one crystal can be consumed per turn.)

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