Scholarship system

The Foxtrot Command team understands that a proper scholarship system is required to achieve mass adoption. This approach not only allows owners to maximize their NFTs, but it also allows any user anywhere in the world, regardless of purchasing power, to participate in the game in a far more active manner. As a result, we propose two systems that we believe are absolutely compatible with the game model that we have developed. With these two systems, we hope to attract both major guilds and small investors. Offering numerous ways to use and profit from the NFTs acquired in Foxtrot Command. allowing consumers to experience all of our game's features at all times.

Decks rentals

Despite the fact that the game is free to play and the cards are available to all players, a non-paying player will have a far more difficult time collecting specific sorts of cards. However, because NFTs may only be mined for a limited time, players will be unable to mint NFTs from prior expansions. Old expansion cards can only be obtained through a decentralized market peer-to-peer transaction.

Card rentals

To be qualified to compete in the Foxtrot Command team's tournaments, you must meet a number of conditions, such as having a certain number of NFTs, having a certain number of golden NFTs, possessing certain cards, and so on.

The prizes in these tournaments will be allocated based on a ranking that users will be able to see before they participate. As a result, if a user want to participate in a tournament but does not match the eligibility requirements, he will be able to rent NFTs for a limited time. The NFT holder will receive the sum demanded by the card, and the user who rents it will have the right to use it throughout the rental term, allowing them to participate in the tournament and be rewarded.

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